Congratulations to the winners of the Seventy-Fourth Collection!

75 COLLECTION IS July 10, 2022

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Portrait photographers


Portrait Photo Awards is a place where the best portrait photographers in the world compete with each other for the top place in the international rating. Experienced professionals with the most creative ideas and imaginative thinking receive our awards. Their best works are displayed in our regular collections and social networks to thousands of potential clients from many countries. 

We are striving to gather the most talented portrait photographers from all over the world. If you think that you belong to their ranks, register and submit your best photographs. An international jury of acknowledged experts will examine each work. Do note that our team is very picky: less are 10% of all photographs are honored with a place in our monthly collections. 

Portrait Photo Awards is also a great place to find a photographer. Do you want to hire the best professional for a photoshoot? Use our website to browse portfolios of top-rated specialists in your region and contact them directly.

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Key dates
  • April 11 — May 10 Submission for 73 collection
  • May 11 — June 10 Submission for 74 collection
  • June 11 — July 10 Submission for 75 collection
  • July 11 — August 10 Submission for 76 collection
  • August 11 — September 10 Submission for 77 collection
  • September 11 — October 10 Submission for 78 collection
  • October 11 — November 10 Submission for 79 collection
  • November 11 — December 10 Submission for 80 collection
  • December 11 — January 10 Submission for 81 collection
  • January 11 — February 10 Submission for 82 collection
  • February 11 — March 10 Submission for 83 collection
Summing up
  • March 2023 Publishing the results
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№1 Photographer of 2022 Leonardo Espina
65 countries presented
4074 photographers total
9.40% of all images selected
TOP 5 countries
TOP 3 photographers of 2023
Maximum uploads in last collection
74 collection Published: 15 June 2022
27 countries
110 photos selected
TOP 5 countries
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Canada
TOP10 Photographers of the Year receive PortraitPhotoAwards trophies
Portrait Photo awards

Scarlett De Moor
Zwolle (Netherlands)
Abraham Sanchez
Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic)
July 2022
new members
Patricia Carrozzini
Elizabeth (United States)
Vivian Thiel
Medina (United States)
Jose Ramón Alonso Zapata
Madrid (Spain)
Natalie Vell
Roseville (United States)
Valentin Blank
Bern (Switzerland)
Jasmin Riemer
Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
Sabrina Knöll
Helmstedt (Germany)
Lubna Rabah
Haifa (Israel)
Oriana Higuera
Miramar (United States)
Dan Whitehead
Oak Ridge (United States)
Barbara Nicoli
Paris (France)
Peter Messner-Surowitz
Kufstein (Austria)