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10 months

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Vanessa Biruk

Winning photos

A large and liquid eye... The swirl of dust around pounding hooves.... These, then, are the images that move us ∼ unknown

Model @s.power_serina
Photo & edit @vanessa_biruk

79th Collection

You don't meet a horse by chance.
Either it is a task for you, a chance or the great love.
It is not uncommon for all three points to apply to a horse. And that is a real gift.

Model @kristina.chiara
Photo & Edit @vanessa_biruk
Dress @kh.fashionhouse

78th Collection

Don't stop rocking, no matter how old you are.

Model @luuanhibunny
Photo & Edit @vanessa_biruk
Location @schlossmuenchweiler with

78th Collection

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
- Hans Christian Anderson

Model @kristina.chiara
Photo & Edit @vanessa_biruk

77th Collection

From racehorse to riding horse. 1.5 years ago Barry was still on the racetrack. So much trust and bonding in one picture.

Model: @_billinda_
Photo & Edit @vanessa_biruk

76th Collection