Kristina Klemm




🇩🇪 Germany

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Düsseldorf (Germany)

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9 months

Winning photos

This photo was taken during an underwater shoot in the Netherlands in 2023.

Model: Kirsten Middeke

91st Collection

This vampire inspired photo was taken at a halloween event 2021.

Model: Justin Gemmecke

91st Collection

This photo was taken in October 2022 in Saxon Switzerland.

Model: Shiracosplay

89th Collection

This photo is the result of an underwater shoot in the Netherlands.

Model: Carina Breer

89th Collection

This photo was taken in the studio.
The model is not really hanging in the towels, for the effect the image was rotated 90 degrees and the model's hair was retouched.

Model: @Cass.serpentes

88th Collection

This photo was taken on a beautiful day in august in a heathland landscape.

Model: mayalou.portfolio

87th Collection

In front of the castle

This photo was taken on Brühl Castle. The dress is unique.

Model: Marys_wonderworld

86th Collection

Lavendel sehnsucht

This photo was taken on a shooting trip through France. The Provence lavender fields, which we visited at the evening for this picture are very famous, people come from all over the world to see the beautiful purple rows of flowers.

Model: olora_model

86th Collection

Sundown dance

This photo was taken very spontaneously at sunset in the Netherlands. The shooting lasted only 10 minutes.

Model: Kirsten_gunnarsdottir_model

85th Collection

Sunflower field

This photo was taken on a shooting trip through France. We have been looking for the perfect sunflower field for a long time until we finally found it.

Model: olora_model

84th Collection

Dornröschens Schlaf

This photo was a studio shot. The theme was a fairytale concept in the style of Sleeping Beauty.

Model: frlkafka

84th Collection

The lady and the jetty

During this shoot I learned to love the sunrise. This clear and pure morning light on the lake was just beautiful and the mood was so peaceful. I hope this picture can transport this mood.

Model: olora_model

83rd Collection