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Patricia Carrozzini

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Winning photos

A beautiful young woman is kissed by the gentle breeze that makes tulips dance, on a radiant spring afternoon on one of the farms in the Garden State of New Jersey.

76th Collection

Sayuri's beautiful pregnancy photo shoot. We did a beautiful series on her ballet shoes. This photo is inspired by the Swan Lake ballet.

75th Collection

"The flower that blooms in adversity it's the most rare and beautiful of all" -Mulan.
At the very beginning of the pandemic, when fear invaded the city, the magnolia trees bloomed in the empty parks, at the same time that the beautiful Camille turned 15 years old. A photo that we made quickly to have this beautiful memory.

75th Collection

The traditional does not always go with all people. She is sweet and charming, and I wanted a little black dress to celebrate her SweetSixteen birthday. We found the perfect balance to show all that she is, a non-traditional beauty.

75th Collection