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Dan Whitehead Photography

Winning photos

This photo was born out of a promo shoot I was doing for an upcoming Batman inspired short film. Friends of mine and I are working on it, and I offered to shoot some production stills of the two main characters. This particular one was shot in front of my Westcott FJ400 with a large softbox on it to create a backlight effect as well as a white background at the same time.

95th Collection

This is a self portrait I made while messing around with “Film Noir” lighting. I wanted to test out the homemade gobo I made for the background as well as mixing strobe and constant light. Was really happy with how it all came out for such a simple setup. Shot with a Canon R5.

94th Collection

With this photo the subject (Kara Byrnes) and I wanted to do a monochromatic image with a single color. This color of course being red. She had this body suit with her, and I had two red Amazon curtains that I hung up to be outlet backdrop. In photoshop I smoothed it all out to appear as a single piece. Shot with my Canon R5.

92nd Collection

This photo of Jessica Finn is part of our fashion lighting set we were doing. Lit with a single beauty dish on a Westcott FJ400 to camera right. This was taken in my home studio and shot with my Canon R5.

92nd Collection

For this portrait of my friend Raeann Dalton, I wanted to keep it very simple. She’s in medical school and going to be a doctor one day. She’s not a model or an actor who can play a character or work with the light, so keeping it simple and capturing her as her was key. For the lighting we used a single Westcott FJ400 with a translucent umbrella right above the camera and had her stand in front of a VFlat World V-Flat with the sides acting as negative fill. I used black to really get her lab coat to pop and shine through. It helped she was wearing a dark shirt underneath. For my camera and lens set up, I had my Canon R5 and my Canon EF 24mm-105mm f4 at 35mm. One of if not my favorite image of the year.

80th Collection

This is Lilly, I photographed her, and her brother at a local hiking area by our house with all natural light. Shot using my Canon R5 and my Canon RF 70mm-200mm f2.8. Then I did all post production in Adobe Lightroom.

79th Collection

This is Logan. His parents asked me to capture some shots of him for his second birthday and really wanted to have few on his motorcycle. We started the shoot with this look since it was the most “complex” and I placed my Westcott FJ200 to camera left with the standard reflector on it. He was somewhere between happy and upset when I took this shot, hence his mixed emotions. The flash really makes it seem darker in the day than it is. That wasn’t intentional, but it really works for black and white.

76th Collection

This is Charlie Hudson a New York and New Jersey based actor and filmmaker. Along with headshots, on this shoot day we decided to make several “character portraits” and I jokingly said “put your hand to your chin, that always looks good”. The result, was this portrait. I really love it because even though it’s posed, I still feel like a genuine connection was made and a real emotion was captured.

73rd Collection