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Zürich (Switzerland)

Minimum price

200$ for 2 hours of work

With us

5 years

Studio Name


I am a people & lifestyle photographer, mainly focusing on black and white pictures.
I am based in Lenzburg, but als serving the wider area of Zürich.

Winning photos

Clara visited me at my studio in Lenzburg where we shot different set ups and styles, all of them with natural light. Thanks Clara; I really enjoyed our session!

76th Collection

Michelle! A very talented young woman I got the chance to shoot with at my studio in Lenzburg (natural light only). Hope to get together soon again to realize other projects. Looking forward to it.

74th Collection

Leonie at a cloudy day at Lake Thun. She is an amazing and creative person with a big heart. We had a good time shooting together. Thank you for this moment.

72nd Collection

I love this picture as it is totally out of focus. The sharpness is not on her face as I shot Arijeta as she was freely moving around in the studio. The unperfection makes it so perfect to me.

71st Collection

We haven't seen us for years, till we decided to work together again. This shot was taken in my studio with natural light only. Thank you Arijeta for your visit.

71st Collection

Outdoor shot with the talented Alayah. A great personality, model and professional soccer player with FC Basel in Switzland.
I wish her all the best in her career.

70th Collection