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Maren Kindler Photography

I am a portrait & headshot photographer residing at Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Having spent more than two decades in IT Management photography is my second, more fulfilling career. I have a passion for art and like to see humanity in images. Therefore I love to show the personality in people with their expression.

Winning photos

This shot is from a session "try something new" portrait styles. I wanted to show extremes in light and shadow.

84th Collection

This is my headshot style with a small smile and not showing any teeth.

83rd Collection

Always laugh in a photo session - it could be the winning picture :-)

81st Collection

The mother wanted pictures of her children and I got the freedom how to shoot them but one had to be in a suit. This is Paul. We discussed photos in a mood board of man portraits and he choose some he liked. I think he liked that we did not do the usual "smile" photos and he could be just himself.

70th Collection

This photo is part of a new series i shot with my son Tim. I wanted to create some moody black and white shots with day light. While the clouds came I had to add some fill light with LED.

67th Collection

Suel is multi-talented and just produced another song and needed new portraits. The portrait is taken with contingent LED light which I normally use for my headshots. The key light came from camera left 45 degreed above her.

65th Collection

Most clients come to get a strong headshot! As we work on their expression and spent some time together. Then there is always time for a cool portrait!

62nd Collection

Most clients come to get a strong headshot! As we work on their expression and spent some time together...Then there is always time for a cool portrait!

61st Collection

I have a new selection of hand painted canvas backdrops and wanted to test them. This is one of these new portraits styles that I offer my clients.

60th Collection

The photo session was planned as a portrait session for her mum who just turned 93. As the daughter organised the session I also wanted to shoot both together for a life time memory. And this is the result - having fun together in front of my camera.

57th Collection

This shot is from a session creating new black and white portrait styles with stark contrasts. In order to reflect the lockdown context, my husband couldn’t see a hairdresser and had to grow a beard. This is one of my favorite shots of the session.

56th Collection