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2 years

Studio Name

Jerome Bally Photography

I came to photography as a hobby in the last 2 years. I never thought that portrait photography would capture me as much. My aim with my pictures is to awaken people's emotions for the beautiful in people.

Winning photos

What a sunset! we decided to have a shooting day with Carlota (@teencarlo) and end it in the evening at the well known Swiss viewpoint (Creux du Van). The color of the sun, combined with a very beautiful model in a marvelous dress is simple stunning to me.

91st Collection

The first part of our shooting we did it in the valley of the Areuse. The dress from Estelle Creatrice combined with the very strong model Carlota @teencarlo is fitting perfectly in the Setting.

91st Collection

It was a heart wish from Eva @evagabriele.b to have pictures from her with her lovely Diggy. I was not able to resist to her wish and we did an early morning shooting. It is wonderful to see their mutual love.

90th Collection

Alicia @_aliciavoile_ and myself decided to do a first shooting close to a nice waterfall. Even in the colder Swiss environment we wanted to create a feeling of warm and relaxing environment.

90th Collection

We spent a longer weekend in a nice and calm valley to shoot the whole day. This day was calm and rain was announced. We were eating when suddenly a heavy rain started and our two models convinced us to take some nice shots outside.

It was such an improvised but intense shooting with the beautiful Maria @mariouge

89th Collection

Early morning in Paris. the city wakes up and the sunrise at the Eiffeltower was exactly what we wanted.
Model @st_walker91
Dress: @estelle_creatrice

88th Collection

We organized a weekend in the southern part of switzerland (Ticino) where we went to on of the most stunning waterfall. It rained the whole ride to this spot but we decided to stay. once the rain stopped we were give a wonderful light for this picture.
Model: @st_walker91
Dresses: Estelle Creation @estelle_creatrice

88th Collection

An evening shooting in the lavendel fields of Berne. Nathalie (it was our first shooting together but hopefully not the last) was enjoying the feeling of this flower field and this picture was the first I developed.

87th Collection

A nice location, a stunning model, a nice dress and a story. That was our reciep for this picture. We were luckily alone and could make use of the beautiful landscape of the lake of Lucerne on a summer evening. Fabienne decided to make a mix of some boots, hat and the nice dress.

87th Collection

What a beautiful shooting. We met at the lake to take some nice pictures when Fabienne decided to walk into the lake. the combination of her dress, the sundowner and the lake, made the picture what it is: beautiful (in my point of view)

87th Collection

What a wonderful shooting in the studio with @st_walker91. We just played with the light and that was the result

85th Collection

what a nice City shooting we had. We decided to walk around in the area of the prime tower in Zürich. I saw the clouds mirroring in the skyscraper Windows and I knew exactly how I wanted Celine to stand.

84th Collection

Inspired by Lord of the Rings and the elves, we headed to this waterfall to take these amazing pictures

83rd Collection

The story and what we have done for this picture will ever be engraved in our head. We stood up at 0600 to drive 30 minutes after that seeing that the street can not be passed due to snow and we had to walk 30 minutes up the mountain to reach the top of Creux du Van. The nature thanked us for this effort with a stunning sunrise

Model @st_walker91
Dress @estelle_creatrice

83rd Collection

You do not need a lot for a strong picture. E superbe model, some strobes and a stunning dress.
Model @evagabriele.b
Dress @estelle_creatrice

83rd Collection

In the Studio with the stunning Stephanie (@st_walker91). It was our intension to show the strength of a woman just by her pose and expression

82nd Collection

On this day we wanted to do a snow shootibg but unfortunately the weather was bad and it was to warm. we decided to still do it but in form of a city street shooting. We found this small café in the City of Bern and had to shoot there. Model: Alina @alina_22_xx

81st Collection

A dream shooting in Paris. We started early in the morning and it was more luck than planning to find this spot at exactly this time of the day. thanks to the beautyful model Stephanie

80th Collection

The art museum in Schaan late in the evening, the sun was already behind the mountains as we took this shot. The lights behind the dark glass were exactly what we searched for this shot. Thanks to Celine

78th Collection

It was end of september, early in the morning in the lake Geneva and Lorena (@lorenafaes) was tough, we wanted to do this and so we steped in the water (which was warmer than the air) and it was phantastic taking those shots together. Worthwhile standing up early in the morning

78th Collection