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Christof Dietrich

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It was my new dog puppy Malaika. It´s a Redfox labrador Lady. So for her first Shooting I ask the amazing Lara Vogel to come along for the shooting. You can see why...I think it was a nice Shooting. Thanks Lara and Malaika...

59th Collection

It was a Homeshooting in my house with the wonderful Angelina Petrova! Look at her amazing eyes... Hope to meet her again soon.

58th Collection

Outdoorshooting with the great Bibi... She was sitting on the street and I took the picture from above . It was a good Shooting. Thanks to Bibi and Marco.

57th Collection

It was a home shooting with the amazing Lara Vogel. This Portrait was created on the terrace on a rainy day, so the light was very soft.

56th Collection