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Winterthur (Switzerland)



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20th place in Switzerland

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Atelier Derya Suter

About Me

Hello! My name is Derya Suter, and I am a passionate portrait artist based in Winterthur. I have been dedicated to the art of portraiture since i was 11 years old, continuously exploring the depths of human expression and emotion through my work.

Each portrait I create is an attempt to capture not just the physical likeness, but also the inner essence of the subject.

Thank you for considering my work. I am honored to be part of this competition and look forward to sharing my artistic vision with you.

Winning photos

@ Atelier Derya Suter
artist: Derya Suter
project: "future faces '24"
model: Marianna Pluchino

There is a certain energy in the room and somehow you can sense it by looking at the photo.

98th Collection

@ Atelier Derya Suter
artist: Derya Suter
projekt: "future faces '24"
model: Jeyson Ibar of the artworks, that you can look at for a long time and still find new details.

98th Collection