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Solothurn (Switzerland)



7 awards left until the Senior Member

24th place in Switzerland

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9 months

I've only been doing portrait photography for a short time. I'm more at home with wildlife and landscape photography.
I was looking for a new challenge and was interested in portrait photography. Now I really like doing this.

Winning photos

This photo was taken during a creative collaboration with dear Lynn (lynnclaire_b) and MUA Delia (reichen_delia). The studio (depot37) window gives through the daylight this playful structure

83rd Collection

The photo was taken at a black and white photo workshop in the studio.

Thanks to all participants

Special thanks to Gabriela

81st Collection

Created in the Poppyfield in Switzerland with my Model and Friend Lynn
I'm very happy about the results.
Many thanks to my Model @lynnclaire_b

76th Collection