Timur Tekyeli




🇨🇭 Switzerland

Also serving:

Marbella (Spain)


Grand Member

4 awards left until the Master of Photography

4th place in Switzerland

14th place in Spain

With us

3 years

Studio Name

Tekyeli Imagery

My work consists basically of the two styles shown on my website: Portraits from classic to boudoir and business imagery from portrait and moods to infrastructure. But if you need a photographer for something different, please don't hesitate contacting me.

Winning photos

Beauty in urban surrounding

90th Collection

When the model gets ready for the shoot and the photographer says "hey, turn around"

89th Collection

The lady in red...is dancing with me...

88th Collection

Diamonds and pearls. The diamonds got lost somehow...

88th Collection

Lazy morning

88th Collection

Hello. It's me.

87th Collection

It was hot, so we've turned on the van. What would you've done?

87th Collection

A shot that was made during a rain break strolling through Zurich

87th Collection

Show some attitude!

86th Collection

Beautiful Diana in front of the window of a hotel room, somewhere in Switzerland

86th Collection

I love it, when I say "smile!" and this happens

85th Collection

It was time for the Sunday bath anyway...

85th Collection

Shot taken in the studio only with natural light

85th Collection

First shoot with Anastasia, first award. Thanks very much.

84th Collection

It needs so little to create a great image

84th Collection

Don't be surprised if you find this image also on Spotify ;-)

84th Collection

This shot was taken after a whole session in color in a billiard center. At the end I thought, bah, let's do some classic black and white stuff as well...

83rd Collection