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Kansas City, Missouri

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Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)


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Ludwig Alberty Photography

Winning photos

A cyborg humanoid, its metallic sheen reflecting the ambient light, stands with a commanding presence. Glowing mask betray its artificial intelligence, while intricate circuitry and mechanical components lie beneath its synthetic skin, seamlessly blending with its humanoid form. With an aura of both power and precision, it embodies the pinnacle of technological advancement, a testament to humanity's endless quest for innovation and evolution.

97th Collection

In the soft amber light of autumn, a woman sits nestled among a sanctuary of books in her cozy reading room. The gentle rustle of fallen leaves outside provides a soothing soundtrack as she immerses herself in the pages of a cherished book. The room, adorned with shelves reaching to the ceiling, exudes warmth and comfort, inviting her into a world of imagination and wonder.

Through the window, a tapestry of golden foliage paints the scene with hues of amber and crimson, a perfect complement to the quiet introspection of the season. With a contented sigh, she loses herself in the narrative, enveloped in the magic of literature amidst the embrace of autumn's embrace.

96th Collection

Through the dusty window, streaked with the passage of time, he gazes out into the quiet street beyond, where the world bustles with life yet remains distant. His face, etched with lines that tell the stories of years gone by, holds a mixture of nostalgia and contentment as he watches the ebb and flow of daily existence.

Despite the solitude of his surroundings, there is a sense of quiet purpose in his demeanor, a steadfastness born from a lifetime spent amidst the tools of his trade. And as he stands there, peering out into the twilight, he remains a silent sentinel, a guardian of memories and maker of dreams.

96th Collection

In the waning light of dusk, an elderly man stands solemnly before a weathered window, the room behind him filled with relics of a lifetime. With a heavy heart, he traces the outline of his memories on the glass, knowing that though he leaves behind the physical space, the essence of his past will forever reside within him. In this moment, surrounded by the ghosts of his history, he finds solace and prepares to embrace the next chapter of his journey with quiet resolve.

96th Collection

Contrast between the chair and the subject with his dog, want something fine art with texture and kind of Rembrandt light.

95th Collection

Want to do something different but simple, I thought the subject walking thru a old market where the vintage and The elegance meets.

94th Collection

This piece I just wanted to recreate a moment of a woman getting ready for an important night, trying different dresses to choose the right one for the night.

93rd Collection

I want this picture to be softly and warm, combining Christmas with a warmer ambient sometimes is a great choice. Want the pose to be as simple as it can to make it look natural as she is admiring the creation outside of her window.

92nd Collection

I want to do something different in this picture, all birthday photos are, mostly of the time, the same. So I coordinate this shoot to look more glamorous and fashion than a regular birthday photo shoots, combining outfit color with ambient color and making it a little shining to pop up from the ordinary.

92nd Collection

Wanted to do something creepy but naive and simple at the same time with a textured, dramatic ambient combining lights and fog to introduce the eerie feeling that you are the one in front of that mysterious subject.

91st Collection

Love to make creative fine arts with a antique village ambient where the subject play it rol but at the same time the whole scene contribute with the idea I want to transmit.

91st Collection

I wanted to create a photo with an apocalyptic mood, with a hero fighting for his existence. I blended a studio photo with an AI ambient using other tools as overlays and brushes to make the photo realistic.

90th Collection

I love doing contrasted pictures. In this one, an elegant, majestic model in a outdoor created with AI, give to this picture a sense of confusion, asking, why this girl with a fancy dress is a middle of nowhere in nature?

90th Collection

A new way to make your pictures stand out is to know how to blend AI with your live pictures. This is a new tool that will make your work a way better. But we need to be careful not to substitute your Art with AI, just use it as a toll to improve your pictures appealing.

89th Collection

Learn how to blend your pictures with AI scenarios to make your pictures more appealing and let your imagination fly but always making a distinction between your art and the AI art. Use it as a tool not as a substitute.

89th Collection

The blend between a photograph and the Artificial Intelligence give us creativity freedom to do infinite variety in our composition, giving us the opportunity to add any object or props that we want and is a lil difficult to have it on hand on a specific shooting.

88th Collection

Self headshot to update my old one. Played with light before decide to use this setup, mark all settings on camera and ask mommy daughter to shoot because Canon 5D R doesn’t have wife and want to avoid all the shoot and try. I end up liking how this photo came out.

87th Collection

This is a composite of a photo I took on my studio, I thought this subtle pose mix well with the sunset beach background.

86th Collection

Beautiful studio photo shoot. Love how this one end up. Love the pose, colors and light.

85th Collection

Dramatic portrait with a single light setup, want to get a painterly effect but looking more real than painting, with a very subtle pose.

84th Collection