Leli Paige



Birmingham, Alabama

🇺🇸 The United States





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13th place in The United States

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4 years

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gallery lelipaige

i am:
artist. photographer. writer. musician.
i am:
avid reader. animal rights activist. enamored of cats, cats, and...more cats.
i am (lastly):
Fabulous Disaster. Princess of the Acidic Wit. Stripedy Badasszzz. Queen Bee. Priestess of Dorkdom.

and i am the girl behind/within/outside (and ever-so-slightly to the left) of the lens, the looking glass, the eye.
...the raw, sprawling, pleading canvas...

Winning photos

One in a series of self-portraits, there is an introspection, a self-awareness, a plaintive countenance to this particular still - more so than any other I include within this series - that defines this woman, myself, who I AM with no uncertain clarity: just there...the melancholia. There...sorrow. There, in the shadows...regret. Yet there is also a strength that pulses from within the image - and it is this strength that stands alone.

11th Collection

"ash," I call it: not "smoking girl" or "cigarette" or "profile of a woman" or anything of that sort that - perhaps - flickers and flutters through one's mind upon viewing (I suppose mine as well...).
this photograph of mine is

7th Collection