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5 years

About me?
I’m a crazy, chaotic young woman in love with beautiful faces, strong expressions, smiles, creativity, wild ideas, laughter, fine details, singing, dancing and the moments you forget the camera and allow me to catch glimpse of YOU.
I’m grateful for all the wonderful experiences I had ever since I started with people photography. My beautiful models (inside and outside), my amazing teachers, the awesome trips to special locations, the hunts for the perfect light.
There is still a long way to go but I’m looking forward to each and every step :)

Winning photos

Photobombed by a giraffe.
That’s what might happen, when you join my friend @nitschkephotography and me for a trip to South Africa.
Usually, these animals are very shy and prefer to stay in the background but this time, not so much. ???
Thanks to our beautiful model @mme_gingerella and @roseserenestudio for the amazing styling.

79th Collection

This is one of the first photoshoots I did with my beta version of the Soft Focus II by @lensbabyusa
I immediately fell in love with the soft bokeh in the background. It fits my style so well! ❤ And @ manuela_mannequin did an amazing job as model, thank you so much!
And I have a little present for you! If you like the lenses of Lensbaby, use the code “wSenti” to get 10% discount on all of their products! ????

79th Collection