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Shirley van Lieshoutfotografie

Winning photos

I took this photo off my oldest daughter with pretty PRE mare Luna a few weeks ago. During my work as a photographer I meet a lot of nice people and customers and they are often willing to give a bit of their time ánd horse to give my daughters a wonderful couple of hours at the stables. I photographed Luna already a couple of times and her owner invited us during the Autumn Holidays to visit them. This very nice morning was full of petting, hugging, brushing, eating cookies and some photographing. My daughters a true horse girls so as I.

91st Collection

This is play- and cheerful Duco! He is helping his owner in her job as a dog coach. Look at those ears!

90th Collection

Young horses playing and enjoying themselves in the field. I love such pictures!

90th Collection

Lovely Haflinger foal with her mummy who is teaching her how to have a nice rollover. This photo was taken during my holiday in Austria at the Fohlenhof Ebbs Stud farm.

90th Collection

Lovely Valente with her sweet Welsh pony Sunny. The bond between them is so obvious in this picture, nothing but trust towards each other.

89th Collection

This lovely dog is Duco. I took this photo during a photography session of him and his owner for her business website. She owns a company in coaching people and their dogs with the help of Duco. Being and stay playful in your life is important and that's exactly what Duco is showing us!

88th Collection

This lovely couple stood in front of my camera a couple of weeks ago. The hottest 9th of June I can remember but what a nice photoshoot I had with them. The love they have for each other is so well felt in their photo reportage.

87th Collection

This lovely girl of 9 years old always wanted to make pictures with her absolute favorite horse breed: Friesians. So her mother arranged this photoshoot with me and the neigbours of her inlaws happened to have a Friesian horse. This is one of the results, they look so pretty together!

87th Collection

Having a photoshoot with your absolutely favorite pony of the riding school. That must be every horse girls' dream. This is Kit with her favorite pony Olaf. Such an intimate moment captured.

86th Collection

I love the Spring season with it's blossoming trees. This is Sterre with her gorgeous horse 'Let's Dance' , aren't they looking so pretty together?

86th Collection

My 2 daughters playing together in the fields in Austria during our last holiday. This picture is so full of fun and laughter. I keep on smiling looking at this picture!

85th Collection

Romee with her Palomino horse Royal underneath the blossoming trees. They are so gorgeous together!

85th Collection

Romee with her lovely Palomino horse Royal posing in front of the beautiful blossoming trees.

84th Collection

Beautiful Cumlaude in the forest in the February sun. It seems like it is Summer instead of a cold Winter day. She is such a gorgeous model!

83rd Collection

Gorgeous white horse 'Cumlaude' in the forest. The sun is peeking through the leaves and shines beautifully on her head. I love this picture, it is so serene.

82nd Collection

Pretty mare 'La Fleur' with her also pretty owner 'Loïs' on the Vrouwenpolder beach in the Netherlands last Summer. In this picture the bond between them is so very well exposed. Love to make these kind of pictures!

81st Collection

Icelandic horses Örvi and Axel playing rougly together. Horses play just to have fun but also for define the pick order in the herd. It is very common although it sometimes looks a bit frightening when it is rough game like in this picture. Also, it often happens that they will have some wounds and bruices after playing but it all is part of the game.

81st Collection

This is beautiful mare 'La Fleur' and how lovely she is! And she knows it! This picture is taken on the Vrouwenpolder-beach in the Netherlands during last Summer.

79th Collection

These are my daughters of 8 and 6 years old. I wanted to shoot some photos in Autumn style but in a playful and fun way. I suggested to them that they would make lots of fun and that's it! I love that I was able to catch the late afternoon sun peeking through the leaves of the tree too.

79th Collection

How lovely these Border Collies are named Kyra, Djoni and Jora. They are best friends and very good at modelling too! This picture was taken in the Dutch dunes at the Vrouwenpolder beach last Summer.

78th Collection