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Beautiful Cumlaude in the forest in the February sun. It seems like it is Summer instead of a cold Winter day. She is such a gorgeous model!

83rd Collection

Pretty mare 'La Fleur' with her also pretty owner 'Loïs' on the Vrouwenpolder beach in the Netherlands last Summer. In this picture the bond between them is so very well exposed. Love to make these kind of pictures!

81st Collection

Icelandic horses Örvi and Axel playing rougly together. Horses play just to have fun but also for define the pick order in the herd. It is very common although it sometimes looks a bit frightening when it is rough game like in this picture. Also, it often happens that they will have some wounds and bruices after playing but it all is part of the game.

81st Collection

This is beautiful mare 'La Fleur' and how lovely she is! And she knows it! This picture is taken on the Vrouwenpolder-beach in the Netherlands during last Summer.

79th Collection

These are my daughters of 8 and 6 years old. I wanted to shoot some photos in Autumn style but in a playful and fun way. I suggested to them that they would make lots of fun and that's it! I love that I was able to catch the late afternoon sun peeking through the leaves of the tree too.

79th Collection

How lovely these Border Collies are named Kyra, Djoni and Jora. They are best friends and very good at modelling too! This picture was taken in the Dutch dunes at the Vrouwenpolder beach last Summer.

78th Collection

Salvador and Nadine at the 'Vrouwenpolder' beach in the Netherlands during sunset. Salvador a mixture of Appaloosa and Friesian blood and Nadine a very pretty KWPN-horse. They are stable mates and friends. Nadine, just 4 years old and for the first time on the beach did so well because her more experienced friend Salvador was with her.

77th Collection

Rachel with her pretty Andalusian horse Brance at the 'Broerekerk' (a very old church) in Bolsward- the Netherlands. They look so lovely together and this picture shows the strong bond between them.

77th Collection

Priscilla with her stunning mare Tünder! What a horse, in this picture not clearly visible but Tünder is a very strong and powerful horse and in love with her owner Priscilla as you can see in this picture.

74th Collection

Rashida with her 2 ponies Pointer and Zara. How lovely they are together. The ponies are half sisters, their entire life they are together and already 18 years with Rashida.

74th Collection

Such a lovely and sweet photo of Jet and Henkie in the Old Church in the Netherlands. Look at that gorgeous dress she wears, just compleets the setting together with the old church.

73rd Collection

In this picture lovely Sharon with her sweet and well-behaved horse Cumlaude. Although this photo was taken at the end of February it looks like a Summer picture to me. The beautiful green, velvet dress and the location in the woods gives this photo a bit of a fairytale touch.

71st Collection

What a lovely couple they are together: Eline with her Andalusian stallion Trajé. This photo was taken during a portfolio shoot in a beautiful old church (Broerekerk) in Bolsward the Netherlands. And although it was very cold she stood there in that beautiful dress.

70th Collection

My lovely youngest daughter Isabel during a photoshoot inside in only daylight. I tried to make her laugh and she gave me this shy but gorgeous smile.

69th Collection

Lovely Valente with her sweet Welsh pony Sunny. You can see the bond and love they have for each other. A friendship for a lifetime!

68th Collection

My daughter Fleur meeting big Friesian Anna for the first time. Fleur first impressed by the size and greatness of Anna but soon she dared to cuddle and stand next to her so this beautiful picture could be made.

67th Collection

Girl with the hat. A lovely summer day and my oldest daughter wearing a nice and flattering summer dress with a nice hat. I think she is a very ‘hat typed’ girl, it looks gorgeous on her.

65th Collection

Some sunshine, a hat, an elegant dress and of course the most beautiful model in the world makes this picture complete to me! This is the second award I receive with my oldest daughter as a shining center in the photograph.

63rd Collection

This is my daughter, Fleur, 7 years old and in many ways a supermodel to me. When I started photography in a more professional way she was and still is my teacher in so many ways. She taught me to look different, let me practice on and on with her and she also made progress. After a while we understood each other by one simple look and where I grew during the years she grew with me. This photograph has been taken recently in a field of wheat where the sunshine kisses her hair and she gave me the look in a way only she can. We are definately a winning team together!

62nd Collection