Patricia De Raaf


De Raaf


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Hardenberg (Netherlands)



6 awards left until the Senior Member

33rd place in Netherlands

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2 months

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Moment photography by shelby

Haii there,
My name is Patricia and I live in the Netherlands. My passion for photography started with our German Shepherd Dog named Shelby.
After this I started taking various courses and workshops and photographing pregnancies, horses, families and children, but my greatest passion still remains dog photography.

Winning photos

I was allowed to photograph this handsome dog in the beautiful forest, the sun shine a little through the pinetrees and then something magical happened. I love these kinds of pictures and these images make me happy too.

96th Collection

This is my own dog shelby among the purple heather.
This remains my favorite photo of our dog, she looks so proud and happy in it.

96th Collection

These 2 cuties love each other so much it was an honor to capture their bond together.

95th Collection

Beauty Nora, she loves the photoshoot.

95th Collection