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A beautiful portrait of a girl in autumn colors. The photo was taken during her parents' photo shoot.

80th Collection

Just a love shoot during a family report!

78th Collection

Holiday greetings from France! :-)

76th Collection

This photo was taken in the fall in the Netherlands and the colors were beautiful this day. If you take a photo at the right time, this is the result.

69th Collection

Just a love shoot during a family report! She reacts so spontaneously when her boyfriend gives her a kiss between the nice green shrubs.

53rd Collection

A beautiful portret of a girl in ocher yellow. Her soft smile combines well with the background. The photo was taken during a shoot in the occasion of the 25th wedding jubilee of her parents.

32nd Collection

Sooo cute: my lovely niece staring into the distance with a happy smile. I shot this photo in my studio with a black background.

29th Collection

The love between my sister and her lover on a warm evening in April. The sun was soft shining through the trees, giving the photo a warm glow.

25th Collection

She doesn't want to be sweet, but cool. So she put her glasses in her hair, how smart! A beautiful portrait for a Christmas card.

22nd Collection

They're in love! I shot this young couple between the waving corn leaves last May during a family reportage. In black and white the atmosphere is getting even better.

18th Collection

Together on the bridge during een family reportage. A beautiful moment between two people in love; a spontaneous loveshoot in black and white.

15th Collection

For the wedding of their teacher, the schoolchildren may wear the traditional ‘Staphorster klederdracht’. A costume that nowadays mainly belongs to dutch heritage. The girl on this picture is sitting in an old schoolbus to go to civil marriage in the town hall. You can see some tension on her face for what’s going on.

14th Collection