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After a career of more than 30 years in the corporate world, I had to close this chapter in 2018 due to physical problems resulting from a car accident. Several years later, I got the opportunity to fulfill my long-held dream. In 2021, I started the professional training at the Fotovakschool, which I have successfully completed. Following that, I pursued a master's degree in portrait photography.

My greatest passion lies in photographing portraits. The contact and communication with people greatly appeal to me. Whether it's taking a beautiful profile picture, a professional photo, or stunning children's portraits for the wall, in everything, I see the challenge of capturing everyone as authentically as possible with the right expression that suits the purpose of the photo.

Winning photos

A pure portrait of Nova, stylish, simple and timeless.
Created by: @anitaschreuders_fotografie

97th Collection

A pure portrait of Amy with her beautiful white dress.
Created by: @anitaschreuders_fotografie

97th Collection