Lotte Rietveld




đŸ‡³đŸ‡± Netherlands


Senior Member

18 awards left until the Grand Member

12th place in Netherlands

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9 months

Studio Name

Lotte Rietveld Fotografie

From a young age, I have been fascinated by the power of images and the way photography can immortalize moments.

With an eye for detail and the ability to capture emotions, I strive to touch the viewer in a unique way with my photos. My portraits are more than just images. Each picture tells a story, the story that I capture with my camera.

In addition to capturing exceptional portraits, I enjoy creating artistic fine art portraits. With the help of my technical skills and artistic vision, I aim to create unique images that resonate.

I am always searching for new ways to further develop my passion and skills in portrait photography.

Winning photos

Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles. A beautiful black and white studio portrait of Jesselyn, made in Huizen (The Netherlands).

94th Collection

Illuminated Childhood Memories. Fine art portrait of little Finn. Every picture tells a story, and so does this one.

94th Collection

"Wish for World Peace"

Sorrow and hope converge in this fine art portrait. The olive wreath in her hair, a symbol of peace, portrays the wish for world peace. A wish that is more relevant and urgent now than ever before.

93rd Collection

Fine Art portrait of Warda and her little dog Lou Lou, a small, cheerful Pomeranian. The elegance and friendship between her and her dog, combined with the subtle colors, make this portrait a delight to look at.

92nd Collection

Fine Art outdoor portrait of Maare. She looks like a little fairytail

91st Collection

An outdoor fine art portrait titled 'Captivated Dreams,' about a little boy who dreams of becoming a pilot.

90th Collection

"A Little Dreamer" captures the wonder of youth, as seen in the dreamy gaze of the boy. The soft daylight lends a beautiful atmosphere to the photo.

90th Collection

"Memories of the Huizer Milkmaid"

A historical portrait. In this fine art portrait, a memory is captured that is deeply rooted in the history of Huizen, the Netherlands. It represents not only a special story from the history of Huizen, but also the connection to daily life in earlier times. The milk buckets represent hope and sustenance for the poor and young widows.

With this photo, I do not only want to capture the beauty of Huizen and its past stories, but also raise awareness for a charitable cause I support: Poverty in ‘t Gooi.

89th Collection

Dear Diary. Fine art portrait of Bo, using the Rembrandt Lighting technique to add depth and drama to the photo. It is not just a photograph, but a little story and a true artwork on the wall.

88th Collection

My son and photography, two of my favourites, come together in this fine art portrait. For me, this portrait is more than just a picture; it's a reflection of life and art, inspired by the style of the old masters.

87th Collection

Wrapped in Elegance. A fine art portrait of model Jennifer, where the harmony of colour plays a central role. The soft grey tone of her elegant dress seamlessly blends with the equally grey backdrop, creating a beautifully balanced visual symphony. Captured at the right moment, her look is both intense and mysterious, adding a captivating depth to the image.

87th Collection

Under the title 'The Untold Story,' a fine art portrait unfolds, revealing a forgotten tale. This isn't just a photograph, but an echo of silence, a moment frozen within an untold story. It captures more than a moment—it encapsulates emotions, feelings, and ideas. This is the allure of fine art photography for me. It allows us to perceive reality uniquely, using composition, light, and color to tell stories that deeply connect with our souls.

86th Collection