Chris Power




🇨🇦 Canada



6 awards left until the Senior Member

5th place in Canada

With us

3 years

Studio Name

Chris power Photography Inc.

I am a Military Veteran and Photographer working in
the cities of Ottawa, Kemptville, Winchester, Cornwall and surrounding areas (Ontario, Canada).

Winning photos

Strength. Agility. Beauty. Grace. Determination. Patience. Pole Fitness.

93rd Collection

A beautiful family enjoying a sunset on one of the last warm days of the summer. They take a moment from the hustle and bustle of life to celebrate their family with some smiles and closeness.

78th Collection

A mother and daughter in the moment walking at the waters edge. The start of a lifelong journey together, supporting each other and challenging each other to grow.

78th Collection

These will be the final photos for the aging dog on the left. It brought me great joy to create a space where everyone was in the moment and celebrating life.

76th Collection