Marie-christin Burghardt




🇩🇪 Germany

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Hamburg (Germany)

Minimum price

200$ for 1 hours of work



3 awards left until the Senior Member

16th place in Germany

With us

2 months

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Goldmarie Fotografie

Winning photos

This photo was taken in a fantasy bridal couple shoot. Bride and groom are big fantasy fans and it was a great pleasure for me to do this special shoot with them.

88th Collection

I love to shoot with Frauke. She is such a beautiful woman, on the inside and on the outside. In combination with this wonderful sunset it was the perfect shooting.

88th Collection

You can find little miracles everywhere in your life. Sometimes you just have to rest and take a closer look in order to find them.

Thanks to Frauke who was my wonderful model in this shot.

87th Collection

Choosing a favourite colour is difficult for me, if I had to pick some I'd simply say: summer. And I tried to encorporate that into a picture of myself showcasing both growth and fragility with the flowers.

87th Collection