Congratulations to the winners of the Twenty-Fourth Collection!

25 COLLECTION IS April 10, 2018

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№1 Photographer of 2018 Christian Giger
46 countries presented
701 photographers total
9.56% of all images selected
TOP 5 countries
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Canada
TOP 3 photographers of 2018
24 collection Published: 19 March 2018
13 countries
29 photos selected
TOP 3 countries
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Germany
About us

Portrait Photo Awards is an international contest for portrait photography. We look for photographers who combine stunning quality and style of imagery. Recent work of our members intended to provide an ongoing inspiration and also a snapshot of the most innovative photographic work being produced in the portrait photography world.

We a€™re always on the look out for top talent to bring into the directory. Every month, a curated competition is open for submissions. Of these submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as "Portrait Photo Award" and these awards are added to the photographers' portfolio pages and are used to determine their rankings. Each jury member is hand picked because of photographic talent and knowledge of photography.
In March 2017 we will publish the list of World Best Portrait Photographers based on the quantity of won awards since April 10, 2017 till March 10, 2018.
Colette Horner
Kim Hymes
February 2018
new members
Damien Molina
Michael Oeser
Donatella Nicolini
Daniel Good
Balasangar Balasubramaniam
Ketino Terekhov
Aishwarya Venugopal
Patrick Odermatt
Vanessa Lozano
Hari Mabbu
Aileen Wilson
Jan Malmstrom
Jana Fašungová
Emma Thomson
Enrico Kusnady
Clemens Laub
Sunil Abraham
Wendell Phillips
Patrick Burger
Chris Krebs
Irene Stylianou
Ye Min Thwin
Haldis Gonsalves
Aynur Sharif Sharif
Cinnamon Johnson
Natalia Polomina
Lionel Hally