Portrait photographers in Switzerland

  • 48 images selected 48 Roland Marti Olten (Switzerland) Roland Marti - Photography
    Portrait photographer Roland Marti (rolandmarti). Photo of 16 November
  • 42 images selected 42 Mladen Dakic Langenthal (Switzerland) http://500px.com/dakicmladen Pixels in Lightspace
    Portrait photographer Mladen Dakic (MlaDak). Photo of 15 November
  • 41 images selected 41 Christian Giger Amriswil (Switzerland) Portrait, fashion & nude photographer. I use Available light, LED & strobes for my pictures. In coachings & workshops I will show you my world. I am located in Amriswil (Switzerland) near lake Constance. Christian Giger Photography
    Portrait photographer Christian Giger (cgiger). Photo of 06 June
  • 12 images selected 12 Sven Gerspacher Zürich (Switzerland) I am not a professional photographer but it is my passion and I spend much of my spare time trying to improve my skills in portrait and landscape photography. I own a small studio near Zurich. Beautypics.ch
    Portrait photographer Sven Gerspacher (beautypics_ch). Photo of 12 August
  • 11 images selected 11 Dionysius Hungerbuehler Rapperswil (Switzerland) Dionysius Photography
    Portrait photographer Dionysius  Hungerbuehler  (Photo). Photo of 08 November
  • Portrait photographer Jean-Claude Ostertag (trictjo). Photo of 04 June
  • 10 images selected 10 Roland Urech Aarau (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) I am a portrait & wedding photographer, mainly focusing on black and white pictures as they express more purely what I see and feel during the work with a model. I am based in Lenzburg, in the wider area of Zürich. Studio12
    from 150$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Roland  Urech (rolandurech). Photo of 15 November
  • 10 images selected 10 Reto Probst Bern (Switzerland) RPro-Photography
    Portrait photographer Reto Probst (Probstreto). Photo of 19 November
  • 9 images selected 9 Trice Gantner Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Toronto (Canada) Hi there! After years of shooting around and taking snapshots, being all about- hey its just a hobby that I am so stoked about, I can finally announce that it became a real passion that I live for and live from. If you feel like plunging into dramatic moody lighting portrait situations- hit me up and we can realize some real nice work together. I am a very open-minded and creative person you'll definitely have a lot of fun working with. Lots of love, Trice TG LightsourceImages
    Portrait photographer Trice Gantner (trice.lightsourceimages). Photo of 04 September
  • 7 images selected 7 Zeliha Köklü Frauenfeld (Switzerland) ZK Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Zeliha  Köklü (z.koeklue). Photo of 10 August
  • 7 images selected 7 Steffi Blochwitz Chur (Switzerland) In my big photostudio in Flims, Graubünden Switzerland I'm showing the nices side of women in a portrait and show women how beautiful they truely are! Nordlichtphoto
    Portrait photographer Steffi Blochwitz (Nordlichtphoto). Photo of 10 November
  • 7 images selected 7 Ajeena Arul Bern (Switzerland) Portrait and Fashion Photographer A.J Photography
    Portrait photographer Ajeena Arul (ajeena.arul). Photo of 15 February
  • 3 images selected 3 Fabian Koch Winterthur (Switzerland) Every photo got his own character and deserves his own look. That's why i'm not using always the same presets, because one preset cannot show the emotion of every photo. I mostly use natural light and love to play with some effects with water/wind or what ever, that gives this little extra punch - and sometimes a challenge where i can earn so much experience - to my work. Capricorn Pictures
    Portrait photographer Fabian Koch (fabian-koch351). Photo of 09 August
  • 3 images selected 3 Andy Gläsel Winterthur (Switzerland)
    Portrait photographer Andy Gläsel (imehl-an). Photo of 24 September
  • 2 images selected 2 Andy Reutimann Lucerne (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) Swiss Portrait and Fashion Photographer. Worldwide availability. Likes medium format, strobes and contrasts. Andy Reutimann Photography
    Portrait photographer Andy Reutimann (mail). Photo of 18 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Rocco Reber Zürich (Switzerland) Reberphotoart
    Portrait photographer Rocco Reber (wayanreber). Photo of 10 October
  • 2 images selected 2 Dominique Zwygart Thun (Switzerland) Portrait & Weddings. I use almost Available light for my pictures and my passion is bnw. I am located near Thun (Switzerland) in the Bernese Oberland. zwyg-art
    Portrait photographer Dominique Zwygart (dominique.zwygart). Photo of 09 October
  • 2 images selected 2 Peter Lüdin Basel (Switzerland) I am a Portrait and Landscape Photographer. Deftly Available light Lover. PeschePic
    Portrait photographer Peter Lüdin (peter). Photo of 10 August
  • 1 images selected 1 Dylan Carvalho Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Lisbon (Portugal) My name is Dylan and my passion is photography. It allows us to freeze the scenery in front of us for a moment, but to enjoy the result for a decade. I enjoy to bond with my clients it is something I consider very important actually. So in that sense, I will always try to pursue the best possible results, whilst having a great time together! I do outdoor shoots only and since I'm just at the bottom of my career I am open towards new things and new experiences.
    Portrait photographer Dylan Carvalho (dylan-98). Photo of 06 June
  • Portrait photographer Simon Woodtli (simwoo). Photo of 28 September
  • Anouk Baumann Luzern (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) Anouk Fotodesign
    Portrait photographer Anouk Baumann (Anouk). Photo of 05 November
  • René Scherer Zürich (Switzerland) High-ReS Photography
    Portrait photographer René Scherer (photohighres). Photo of 30 January
  • Marco Ventura Zürich (Switzerland) Professional Photographer from Switzerland | Based in Zürich | Owner of a Photostudio | TFP and PAY Shootings | More than 25 years in photography - Portrait - Wedding - Landscape - Milkyway - Business - Corporate Design Marco Ventura Photography
    Portrait photographer Marco Ventura (marco-ventura536). Photo of 19 November
  • Reto Heiz Rapperswil (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) Swiss photographers focused on nudeART-photography, portraitphotography and concerts. I am a member of the board of nudeART.ch. Organizing international workshops in Prague, France and of course in Switzerland.
    Portrait photographer Reto Heiz (reto.heiz). Photo of 13 October
  • Stefan Heesch Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Aarau (Switzerland)
    Portrait photographer Stefan Heesch (stefan-heesch321). Photo of 06 September
  • Timur Tekyeli Zürich (Switzerland) Tekyeli Imagery
    Portrait photographer Timur Tekyeli (imagery). Photo of 15 October
  • Lara Kaiser Aarau (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) I'm always hungry for more.for new perspectives, new techniques, new people, new ways to go. Come with me! Lara Kaiser Photography
    Portrait photographer Lara Kaiser (lara-kaiser508). Photo of 18 October
  • Kimberly Shepherd Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Basel (Switzerland) Kimberly Shepherd Photography
    Portrait photographer Kimberly Shepherd (kimberly.shepherd). Photo of 20 November
  • Stefan Schmid Olten (Switzerland) Stefan Schmid
    Portrait photographer Stefan Schmid (schmid.stefan). Photo of 23 June
  • Tina Kissling Olten (Switzerland) Also serving: Aarau (Switzerland) FotoFlashlight
    Portrait photographer Tina Kissling (tina). Photo of 15 October