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Berlin (Germany)

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200$ per hour | 1 hour minimum


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13th place in Switzerland

89th place in Germany

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3 years

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Nordfriisk Photography

Stefan Heesch was born in North Frisia where some natives still speak the language Nordfriisk. Stefan is living now in Switzerland where he works in his main job as systems engineer and part time as a freelance photographer. He is very interested in fashion photography and portrait photography. He is working mainly in the Zürich area but also from time to time in Berlin.

Winning photos

We played a little bit with reflections and colors.

83rd Collection

Played with colors - her red hair asked for something green - and added some wind: Simple half face portrait from Linda Anna @ladyly87

82nd Collection

From a shooting with Friesen horses some time ago.This horse breed is one of the oldest in Europe. Looking forward to spring ...

Credits (Instagram Accounts):
Model: @instydeby
H&M: @veelvetbeautyy
Horse: @friesengut

81st Collection

Takeout from a fashion inspired portrait shooting. I wanted to test some black mist filters. These filters help to create some cinematic look with blooming highlights. Model: @halyna._.life_

79th Collection

This is photo of Camila during the trunk show at the African Fashion Week in Zürich. I had to work with available light in different colors. So I decided to create a black and white version of the picture. Model: @camila_galla

75th Collection

Portrait of Vanessa. She is a dancer and from time to time we do more experimental shootings. This time she wanted to have a normal portrait of her.

75th Collection

This shooting was inspired by the fashion photographer Corinne Day and her grunge style. Set in model's flat on her table with available light only. Model: Kuki @22662247_

75th Collection

Grunge style fashion shooting with Lu in her house nearby Luzern. The shooting was inspired by the Corinne Day's photography style. We used the harsh natural light from the sun in the late afternoon.

74th Collection

Sensual portrait shot with natural light only. I took the photo during a model sharing event in an old house in the city of Luzern, Switzerland.

73rd Collection

This is a portrait of Leonie @leoniehoenger that I took during a sedcard shooting for the Greenmodel Agency in Zürich @greenmodelagencyzurich.

71st Collection

From my first shooting more than one year ago with a really awsome team. Special thanks to all of you:

Fashion Stylist: Styling @tosca_styling
Hair & Makeup: Novry @n.v.y_beauty
Model: June @portfolio_june via @visagemodelszurich

70th Collection

From a fashion editorial. Thanks to the awasome team, you can find their accounts on instagram:

Styling: @tosca_styling
Makeup: @n.v.y_beauty
Hair: @pendi_beauty_zone
Assistants: @lauu_makeup_ @gio.nny

67th Collection

From a shooting with Friesen horses in May 2021. This horse breed is one of the oldest in Europe. Credits (Instagram Accounts):

Model: @instydeby
H&M: @veelvetbeautyy
Horse: @friesengut

66th Collection

Outtake of a fashion shooting inspired by the Pantone Color ensemble of the year 2021 "Ultimate Gray and Illuminating" - conveying a message of strength and hope. In general fashion shootings are performed as teamwork. So I would like to take this opportunity and give credits to my lovely team (Instagram accounts):

Model: @portfolio_june
Style: @tosca_styling
Makeup: @n.v.y_beauty

64th Collection