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18th place in Switzerland

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8 months

Eine besondere Fähigkeit von Rouven ist es, das Unerwartete einzufangen und mit seiner Arbeit Geschichten zu erzählen. Egal, ob Sie ein einzelnes Bild oder eine ganze Serie benötigen: RB Photography übernimmt gerne Ihren Auftrag. Melden Sie sich gern, um mehr zu erfahren.

Winning photos

This shot was taken during a visit to the @walterzoo

photographed by @bald_rouven_

96th Collection

Spontaneous recording in a passenger train of the company @thurbo
model @bald_rouven_

94th Collection

This is a spontaneous picture of a train driver reading a free newspaper.

Model and photographer: @bald_rouven_

92nd Collection

This photo shows an interesting composition taken in an office building. The main motif is a model posing behind a glass pane. The reflection effects of the disc create a fascinating visual effect by making the leaves of a plant visible in the background. This combination of the model and the reflection of nature gives the image a certain depth and aesthetics. The contrasts between the interior of the office building and the outside world, which are conveyed by the reflection, make this shot a captivating subject for photographers.

91st Collection

In the picture you can see a gray British shorthair cat. She lies on a scratching post and looks directly at the camera. Her amber eyes radiate a certain calm and serenity. The short, coat of the cat is characterized by a soft shade of gray and gives it an elegant appearance. The cat looks relaxed while resting on the scratching post and captivating the viewer with her intense look.

Model: @my_lovely_lola_

90th Collection

The self-portrait shows a person looking directly into the camera over his shoulder. The person has a determined expression on his face. She wears a casual T-shirt and sits a sporty cap on her head that completes her look. In the background of the picture, blurred, blurred houses can be seen, which suggest an urban environment. The blurred details create a certain dynamic and direct the focus to the person in the foreground. Overall, the picture radiates a certain self-confidence and urbanity.
Model: @bald_rouven_

90th Collection