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Franco Circelli Photography

Italian Amateur Photograph from Switzerland

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A big thank you to the beautiful model Conny for this unique moment.

94th Collection

Created in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland, during a homeshooting. Only with daylight, pure sensuality. Many thanks to the wonderful model Olivia.

75th Collection

Many thanks to the model Olivia. Only with daylight, during a home shooting, conjured up a sensual and strong close-up. Location: Montreux (Switzerland)

70th Collection

I love to put sensuality in the limelight. I thank the model Roxanna, she does it very well. the picture was created with daylight only.

67th Collection

A single ray of sunshine, the art of daylight, a beautiful model, and the right moment for a photo. Thank you very much the model Jeanine.

62nd Collection

Many thanks to the beautiful model Cinzia. This picture was created in the city of Bern and, as always, only with available light.

61st Collection

Only natural light, wind, your hand in your hair and just enjoying the moment. Many thanks to the model Ana for this beautiful moment.

60th Collection

This photo was taken in Bern - with natural light only. It was the first time I met @cinzia_o.o_model, who is a very talented and versatile model.

59th Collection

This picture was taken during a homeshooting, in Brig, Switzerland- with natural light only. Thanks to the model for this photoshoot day.

59th Collection

Many thanks to the wonderful model Selina for this "color mix" which was created in the old city of Bern. The light source: only natural light.

57th Collection

The first but certainly not the last shooting with the enchanting Mizzi. Natural light in black and white. (Instagram: @official_mizzi)

25th Collection

Naturally light, natural model, natural beauty ... the beautiful Sena for the first time before the camera... Thank you very much Model: @nanaille_

14th Collection

Many thanks Carmen... this picture transmitted exactly what i like in the Peoplephotography, simple and beauty... 100% of natural light. @carmenfusco

14th Collection

This picture from completely simply appeared with natural light, near a river, in the in the middle of the city. I love the depth of this look. Thank you Alexandra (FB @Alexandra – Modelpage)

13th Collection

Pictures in black / white have something special, unique. Moreover, the expression of Selina fascinates me. Only natural light, in the middle of the city. Many thanks to you Selina (FB @selinaspeckermodel)

13th Collection