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Winning photos

Velvet eclosion
Thanks to my model and friend Aurelia who initiated this underwater project. Such a cool experience to focus and shoot underwater! If you want to test it, do not forget the weights and the scuba ????

80th Collection

The other side
With this project we really pushed ourself out of comfort zone. Taking pictures underwater is quite a thing but it’s also such a cool experience! Thanks to my brave swimming model Agathe!

80th Collection

Coffee beauty
On this project with Gabriella, we wanted to make a beauty shoot with something linked to her Brazilian roots. Coffee was a cool choice, making a cool transition between her skin and hair. coffee grain were too big and I wanted to have something thinner. Therefore we used cafe soluble ????

78th Collection

Jane‘s new outfit
Tarzan should appreciate this new version of his JANE in this special handmade outfit! Was fun to transform this legs fishnet to a sexy top! Thanks to my sweet friend and model Diana for being always open to new projects!

76th Collection

Upside down
Nature is such a perfect place to practice yoga especially in the forest! Keeping down with your nerves when you are surrounded by thousands of hungry mosquitoes ???? a good moment of laughs and bites with my dear Christina!

74th Collection

Who said you only look stunning until 25!?
This mom of two handsome kids is still a stunner! Getting to know her and her family is a true gift of life and having the chance to be her photographer is a real blast! Thanks to my friend Chris and her husband for the trust and love they have put in me! Feeling grateful ????

69th Collection

I always say that photoshoots are so much more than just taking pictures! It’s all about sharing the same energy with beautiful people and have fun building and realising projects together! I am so glad to count Christina as a close friend in addition to a stunning and shining person and model!

69th Collection

I wanted to capture a summertime feeling inspired by the wilderness. For me, her snake outfit and bracelets is reminiscent of a modern Cleopatra, free to be a muse in any setting. She feels like a summer breeze. She’s in a cave and also touching water, she is free to do as she pleases. She depicts strength, beauty and femininity.

68th Collection

Urban princess.
Even if we all know time has changed, there is still a common dream for girls to wear the most beautiful dress even if it’s just for one day! ????
With my amazing team
Model Christina
Dress designer Estelle Rochat
BTS video by Video Ventura

67th Collection

Resting angel.
Did you ever wonder if angels really had wings or if the were exactly like humans but just sleeping over the clouds while we are sleeping under. May the peace of this picture give you some inspiration.
Thanks a lot to my beautiful model Diana.

66th Collection