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Valentin Blank Photography

Valentin Blank shoots nonconformism, quirkiness and rebellion, both in people and architecture. Born in 1974 in Basel (Switzerland) as the son of a sculptor, Valentin was exposed early on to the work of artistic creation. His work as it exists today first took form in 2006.

Portraying a person means so much more to Valentin than just spending half an hour with the subject in a studio space and releasing the shutter of his camera. Without exaggeration, every portrait session is a very special moment in his life. It already begins when a new contact is established. The mutual exchange of ideas and wishes means a first rapprochement. In the course of the session, Valentin with his inspiration then fully engages the subject who places his/her trust in him by showing him the openness to be photographed. The interplay of the attitudes in front of and behind the lens create a unique encounter to which the resulting photographs come as a reward.

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Winning photos

Tehseen is the daughter of Mohammad who is the owner of a Pakistani restaurant in Frankfurt am Main. When I had a portrait appointment with him, Tehseen joined us spontaneously. She was shy, but at the same time she started asking me many questions which I happily answered. I found this ambivalence of feelings in her gaze. When I asked her if I could shoot her portrait too, she hesitated for a moment and then beamed with pride.

86th Collection

Hili is a gym buddy of mine. His massive exterior contrasts strongly with his big heart and spontaneous nature. We share the same taste in music. This portrait is a tribute to our rave love. The shoot was great fun and Hili's reaction when he saw the results for the first time was unforgettable.

76th Collection