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Simple Vision

I am a hobby photographer who likes the simple vision of things. I love portrait photography and the challenge of capturing memories for people.

Winning photos

A portrait taken during a workshop at a Nikon presentation. Trying new cameras and lenses is always a good thing :)

97th Collection

A capture of this beautiful rider during her race on St Teodor's Day. Photo was made at noon under the burning rays of the sun 🌞

96th Collection

Handsome Jack Russel Terrier Arty. A studio shot with two lights set.

95th Collection

One of my most favourite photos from this photoshoot with the ex ballet dancer Jura. It was amazing for her going back to the stage and a privilege for me to shoot her!

91st Collection

A portrait from my first boudoir photo session with this gorgeous model!

86th Collection

Low key technique in this portrait of Eelena. The portrait is showing her gentle but confident expression.

85th Collection

The Helloween make up of my son. The portrait was made in low key for more dramatic look

83rd Collection

My wife and my dog are always my first models. The never let me down when it comes to taking some portraits for fun.

82nd Collection

Master tattoo artist Julian Angelov from Pleven, Bulgaria. A photo from his comercial photoshoot. Low key portrait, dramatic look as requested by him.

78th Collection

I present to you Arty. My 5-years old Jack Russel Terrier. It is extremely difficult to shoot such dog because it can't stay still even for a minute but I got this chance!

77th Collection

Another edit of my earlier self portrait, inspired by Churchill style photos with a cigar and whiskey. Two lights set and lighting that gives more dramatic look to the portrait.

73rd Collection

Lora is a former ballet dancer. However ballet will always be a passion. The photo was taken in a ballet dance room with one light only.

72nd Collection

A lovely lady whose present for Christmas was a photoshoot. Thanks to her best friend, she was captured in several nice portraits.

71st Collection

This portrait was inspired by Halloween and shot for it. I used my son as a model. The idea was the low key dramatic lighting of the model

71st Collection