Mandy Vd Weerd


Vd Weerd


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Haren (Netherlands)

Minimum price/hours

120$ per hour | 2 hours minimum


Senior Member

19 awards left until the Grand Member

13th place in Netherlands

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Glamour en boudoir

Hi, I'm Mandy
owner of Glamor and boudoir studio.
People call me: enthusiastic, caring, sweet,
professional, pleasant, friendly and helpful.

I shoot portrait and boudoir photography full-time in my studio in Haren (gr)
Motto: every woman a beautiful picture.

Winning photos

With only a sheet on, isn't this woman powerful and beautiful?

94th Collection

This woman received the shoot as a gift. She nailed it!

93rd Collection

This woman is a yoga instructor.
Love this pose.

91st Collection

This was the first time she did a photoshoot. She is so beautiful!

91st Collection

Creepy Kim.

90th Collection

Like Katy Perry, beauty Lonneke.

88th Collection

Looking into her eyes.

87th Collection

The beautiful Manon. She is amazing!

87th Collection

Beautiful Kim with a touch of the sun.

86th Collection

Doesn't she look like a star? The beautiful Kim.

86th Collection

Boudoir photography
This lady came for beautiful boudoir photos
and how well she did!

85th Collection