Mandy Vd Weerd


Vd Weerd


🇳🇱 Netherlands

Also serving:

Oosterwolde (Netherlands)

Minimum price

120$ for 2 hours of work



4 awards left until the Senior Member

14th place in Netherlands

With us

5 months

Studio Name

Glamour en boudoir

Hi, I'm Mandy
owner of Glamor and boudoir studio.
People call me: enthusiastic, caring, sweet,
professional, pleasant, friendly and helpful.

I shoot portrait and boudoir photography full-time in my studio in Veenhuizen.
Motto: every woman a beautiful picture.

Winning photos

Like Katy Perry, beauty Lonneke.

88th Collection

Looking into her eyes.

87th Collection

The beautiful Manon. She is amazing!

87th Collection

Beautiful Kim with a touch of the sun.

86th Collection

Doesn't she look like a star? The beautiful Kim.

86th Collection

Boudoir photography
This lady came for beautiful boudoir photos
and how well she did!

85th Collection