Carolien Vloeijberghs




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Flowing fotografie

Hi there, thank you for enjoying my pictures. I’m the mother of a girl (10) and a boy (6). We have a cat ‘Moos’ who loves to cuddle. I love to cuddle her to but I also love to take pictures. As you can see, I love portrait most of all. A little dark… yeah, I love that. But I’m inventing myself. So I hope to grow and learn a lot. Thank you.

Winning photos

This is my son. This photo is taking in my little studio I made in our house. It’s a timeless picture. This picture was made with my new flashlight. I’m pretty happy with it.

86th Collection

This is a portrait of my daughter. It’s made with daylight in our livingroom. I tried the rambrandlight. I love this foto a lot, hope you do also.

86th Collection