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Flowers & Fairytales

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Why so serious? Portrait of one of the last real Gentlemen in black and white. Studiosession with one Flash. My husband by the way.

81st Collection

Studio Photoshoot with my ever favourite model Julia. So sorry guys, but I have no Idea what I can write about this shot. There is no big story behind it.

81st Collection

The Shot was taken during a networking meet-up of photographers and models at my house. The model is wearing an original 20s Weddingdress.

80th Collection

I was shooting this with the daughter of a friend and she was so happy and proud to do this. Because of that she was jumping around and smiling all the time, which wasn´t really what I wanted. So I said softly "Linda, I think we are done and are going home now." and that was when I got this amazing look of her.

79th Collection