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This is a portrait of my daughter. I am trying to see the world through her eyes and to learn more and more , her pure childish innocence and passion to explore the whole world is inspiring and captivating

98th Collection

Portrait of my daughter.

97th Collection

Shooting portraits of my daughters is the pure joy and great satisfaction. Connection between us makes it easier to get closer and deeper to their inner world and capture genuine emotions.

96th Collection

A Tunisian star Shayma who knows how to run her show.

94th Collection

Early morning photoshoot for an Italian pashmina brand inspired by the beauty of the nature - morning sunlight touch, gentle sound of the crystal clear lake waters.

90th Collection

Ukrainian girl with all her beauty, grace and pride.

86th Collection

Shine and ride

86th Collection

A beautiful young girl dreaming while listening to the soothing sound of the ocean in Fujairah

85th Collection

A surfer who lives and breathes the art of surfing waves in her own stylish way

83rd Collection

Music, bright colours, passion , cheerful people dressed in lavish costumes , longing to share their happiness with locals and tourists , enjoying life and spreading joy and love - that's what the Caribbean carnival looks like.

82nd Collection

Balinese sacred dance is usually performed in some ritual ceremonies because it has strong magical powers and only can be performed by specific dancers. I captured the moment just before the dance when this beautiful young girl was preparing herself for the performance getting into a special spiritual state of mind

81st Collection

My daughter is my greatest inspiration . Each photoshoot with her provokes me more and more to explore kids emotions and to try to understand them . In her eyes i can see the pure love and understand that only those sparkles in her eyes are enough to brighten my day

75th Collection

My daughter is my biggest inspiration and my muse. Taking portraits of her is always very special not only from a photographer’s perspective but as a personal emotion - having captured the moment and keeping this sacred memory is priceless.

75th Collection

Caribbean women got my attention not only with their beauty .They are confident, alluring ,passionate about anything they are doing.

71st Collection

Annual Caribbean carnival is the biggest and long awaited event on the islands. Cheerful people dressed in lavish colorful costumes, walking and dancing in the streets to the beat of the local music ,happy to share their emotions with locals and tourists.

71st Collection

Music is a beautiful form of expression, a powerful form of storytelling .It touches each one of us differently because of our emotional state and experiences but it always appeals not only to the heart but also to the soul .

70th Collection

The real personality and confidence of a person could be seen once you put them in a different situation and provoke them. It is the pleasure of the portrait photographer to make his subject reveal its different sides and show different faces.

69th Collection

This photograph is a part of my photography exhibition organised for EXPO 2020 Dubai. The concept of the exhibition is to present successful and established Bulgarians in various professions in UAE . This young and cheerful girl working for a renown airlines represents the true spirit of the free and aspiring young people.

69th Collection

Kenya amazed with all its colors, mystery, dynamic , its simple and friendly people enjoying their ordinary life and being thankful for every sunrise and sunset they can experience.

67th Collection

Children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
As a portrait photographer i know the great importance of the message that the portrait carries and i think that in the child's expression with all the innocence and sincerity the message reaches the viewer without appeal

67th Collection

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