Portrait photographers in Germany

  • 35 images selected 35 Sascha Safdar-Götz Schmelz (Germany) Mystic Moments
    Portrait photographer Sascha Safdar-Götz (sascha). Photo of 09 September
  • 33 images selected 33 Milena Andree Berlin (Germany) Milena was born and raised in Berlin and has a happy vintage heart. Her photography moves between the past and fairytale scenes. For her, photography is a way to create a reality filled with peace, beauty, specialness and dreams. PhotoGravity - Milena A.rt
    from 200$ for 1 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Milena Andree (milena). Photo of 15 March
  • 21 images selected 21 Maciej Michalczyk Nienburg (Germany) Maciej Michalczyk Photography
    Portrait photographer Maciej Michalczyk (bildervonmir). Photo of 14 March
  • 21 images selected 21 Veronika Haas Magdeburg (Germany) I’m Veronika Haas - im the one with the smile and an optimist and believe in the good in life - able and happy to improvise - an emotional human being - daydreamer - world traveler - a mixture of Russian and German background - absolut dog lover - practical approach to challenges - nature loving - passion for details Life is full of magical moments, one must just see them! Veronika Haas
    Portrait photographer Veronika Haas (veronika-haas48). Photo of 29 October
  • 19 images selected 19 Marion Flemming Lüneburg (Germany) Also serving: Hamburg (Germany) Hello ! I am Marion Flemming, a photographer from north Germany. My photography is art with a lot of emotions and mood. I am specialized in photography from kids, familys, pets and maternity. Marion Flemming Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Marion Flemming (marion-flemming527). Photo of 26 December
  • 5 images selected 5 Raphael Pohlers Stuttgart (Germany) Also serving: Göppingen (Germany) Hey Peops, my name is Raphael and im a german wedding & people photographer near Stuttgart. I started photographing in my education as a graphicdesigner back in 2011. Atelier Pohlers
    Portrait photographer Raphael Pohlers (raphael). Photo of 09 December
  • 4 images selected 4 Stephanie Grass Würzburg (Germany) Steffi alias blacksally is a photo artist from Coburg and currently based in Würzburg, specializing in dark fine art and conceptual "storytelling" portraits. She has been familiar with photography since 2009 and began dealing with technology and creative image design at a young age. As her passion for photography developed, she fell in love with conceptual, artistic photography of people. Later she began to create surrealist portraits, including of herself, which are now her preferred genre and a hallmark of her work. "It is important to me that a picture conveys a message, awakens memories and feelings and that the viewer can interpret the artwork by himself!" ​Steffi designs staged, scenic photo shoots. Through the artistic design, the photos tell a story and convey messages, convincing with touching and eye-catching properties that arouse emotions and make you thinking about. Intensive, detailed image design and elaborate editing characterizes her style. blacksally
    Portrait photographer Stephanie Grass (grass.steffi). Photo of 15 February
  • 4 images selected 4 DeGrate Photography Berlin (Germany) Hello! I am Ohad DeGrate, born and raised in Jerusalem and currently living in Berlin. This is my art. Enjoy. DeGrate Photography
    Portrait photographer DeGrate Photography (leev.roage). Photo of 07 November
  • 3 images selected 3 Thorsten Koch Marburg an der Lahn (Germany) Also serving: Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Hey there... welcome to my profile ;-) I'm a photographer from Germany. I mostly do weddings and business photos for almost 6 years. Portraits and homeshoots are a passion I live, whenever I have the time. For my photos, I like it when it has a natural touch and not to much of retouche ;-) TK Pixx Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Thorsten Koch (thorsten-koch864). Photo of 07 April
  • 3 images selected 3 Astrid Loos Bayreuth (Germany) people are my passion. I love crazy shootings. having fun with great people. astridloos.
    Portrait photographer Astrid Loos (astridloos). Photo of 07 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Vanessa Biruk Mannheim (Germany) Vanessa Biruk
    Portrait photographer Vanessa Biruk (vanessabiruk). Photo of 15 September
  • 1 images selected 1 Franz Sebastian Welter Rastatt (Germany) FSW Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Franz Sebastian Welter (Franz.Welter). Photo of 09 September
  • 1 images selected 1 Sabrina Knöll Helmstedt (Germany) My name is Sabrina and I live with my family in a small town called Schönigen. I live and work in a 113 year old Art Nouveau villa. My studio covers 150 sqm with a 3400 sqm shooting garden. My shootings are exclusive with a feel-good guarantee. I have to laugh. Translating a feel-good guarantee sounds a bit German. Naturkindfotografie
    Portrait photographer Sabrina Knöll (naturkindfotografie). Photo of 22 May
  • Verena David Weinheim (Germany) Verena David Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Verena David (post). Photo of 15 September
  • Kathrin Schmädicke Berlin (Germany) Ich bin leidenschaftliche Outdoor Portrait Fotografin im Fairytale Style und bearbeite meine Bilder mit verträumten und leicht verspielten Charme. Ich möchte mit meinen Bildern für jeden den ich portraitiere seine eigene ganz spezielle Geschichte erzählen. Ich liebe die Arbeit mit natürlichen Licht und die Natur. Kathrins_photo_art
    Portrait photographer Kathrin Schmädicke (kaschmae). Photo of 25 September
  • 1 images selected 1 Valentin Blank Bern (Switzerland) Also serving: Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Valentin Blank shoots nonconformism, quirkiness and rebellion, both in people and architecture. Born in 1974 in Basel (Switzerland) as the son of a sculptor, Valentin was exposed early on to the work of artistic creation. His work as it exists today first took form in 2006. Portraying a person means so much more to Valentin than just spending half an hour with the subject in a studio space and releasing the shutter of his camera. Without exaggeration, every portrait session is a very special moment in his life. It already begins when a new contact is established. The mutual exchange of ideas and wishes means a first rapprochement. In the course of the session, Valentin with his inspiration then fully engages the subject who places his/her trust in him by showing him the openness to be photographed. The interplay of the attitudes in front of and behind the lens create a unique encounter to which the resulting photographs come as a reward. I'm happy to answer your questions! Valentin Blank Photography
    Portrait photographer Valentin Blank (valentin-blank193). Photo of 28 May