Milena Dillinger




🇩🇪 Germany

With us

1 year

Studio Name

Mila Creativepics

I am Milena, 24 years old and come from Kulmbach. I've been taking photos since 2019, but have been at home in portrait photography since 2020.
My areas are the creative portraits but also everything around love.

Winning photos

i wanted to do a black and white portrait of my friend Caro for a long time. after many shootings i was able to realise it in one of our last shootings for the time being.

88th Collection

The picture was taken at Amaya's Photo Meetup in May. Outside of my shooting area, I shot in black and white and very naturally. The beautiful set was an outdoor bathtub. I am grateful that my model and friend wanted to shoot with me in the bathtub and made it happen with me and grateful that I was allowed to be there!

82nd Collection

My model had time quite spontaneously and even drove over a hundred kilometres just to shoot with me. At minus 5 degrees, we shot for over an hour.

82nd Collection

Actually, it was not planned that I would be the main photographer for this project, but only the second. The project was planned by my model for a very long time and it turned out differently than it should have... suddenly the second photographer became the first and only one. A "beautiful" dress became a wedding dress... All of a sudden, it also became MY heart's project.

79th Collection