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14th place in Netherlands

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9 months

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Kelly Walraven Photography

Headshot Photographer based in Enschede, The Netherlands. My headshots are recognisable, warm, pure and powerful, for both business & personal use. I love it to catch the real you!

Winning photos

Oops I did it again! Wow what a great look: his eyes sparkle and his laugh shines.

96th Collection

Look how cute and beautiful this girl looks! Her blue eyes match the cool background perfectly.

96th Collection

Daylight portrait of a sweet girl with bright brown eyes.

96th Collection

So young and yet so mature in the way she looks! A cute & powerful little girl with her beautiful blue eyes and warm hair!

95th Collection

Beautiful Noor in a black and white edit. Picture was made as part of an assignment during an edit workshop.

93rd Collection

It’s Christmas time so put on your best clothes and shine in front of the camera!

93rd Collection

“Head in the clouds!”

Look at this cute boy with his pretty blue eyes! The dreamy pose makes this picture complete.

91st Collection

Have you ever seen twins that are so much alike? After the shoot it was a great challenge to distinguish one from the other! Especially these similarities make this picture so unique and pure!

90th Collection