Portrait photographers in Lucerne

  • 33 images selected 33 Markus Annen Lucerne (Switzerland) Oscar Wilde once said: "Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known" This is what photography means to me! A way to express my creativity in combination with people and nature. I live in Lucerne, Switzerland and my speciality is portraits, sensual boudoir and nude art. Uncensored pictures I show on https://www.patreon.com/nolimit_photography Regards, No Limit Photography
    from 100$ for 2 hours of work
    Portrait photographer Markus Annen (nolimit08). Photo of 16 February
  • 16 images selected 16 Sacha Kappeler Lucerne (Switzerland) Sacha Kappeler Photography
    Portrait photographer Sacha Kappeler (kappelersacha). Photo of 15 April
  • 8 images selected 8 Maren Kindler Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Lucerne (Switzerland) I am a portrait & headshot photographer residing at Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Having spent more than two decades in IT Management photography is my second, more fulfilling career. I have a passion for art and like to see humanity in images. Therefore I love to show the personality in people with their expression. Maren Kindler Photography
    Portrait photographer Maren Kindler (maren-kindler771). Photo of 14 April
  • 2 images selected 2 Willi Uecker Lucerne (Switzerland)
    Portrait photographer Willi Uecker (youlliam). Photo of 13 May