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Johan Famel

Toulouse (France) Also serving: Paris (France)

I am passionate about music at the base, guitarist author interpreter. I developed a passion for photography 6 years ago.
I love a composer and improviser in the artistic field. For music, I look for the sound that resonates in me, that I transpose into a photo by looking for the raw image that should make me vibrate.
In a photo, there is a person in a situation, a place, a light. It’s that atmosphere that interests me. I'm trying to get the gist of this vivid scene.

I started photography with weddings, family photos, then many portraits in Cannes, France.
I had good feedback.
My best friend Cedric said to me "Why don't you take pictures?"

From my early experiences I felt I could create more vivid shots, so I thought to myself why not give it a try with models.

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