Robert Krawczyk




🇵🇱 Poland

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3 years

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It is said that man is born gifted and sensitive. My life has always been associated with beautiful and worth watching things. Although I have been involved in many activities which have enriched my life, photography has become the greatest passion.
In my work I am constantly taking on new challenges and gaining knowledge, using the advice of wise people, who inspired me and believed in me.
I try to have a lot of humility and distance to myself when I am taking pictures and even more respect for the process of creating. I am aware that good equipment is not enough, but crucial is an ability to observe. It matters not so much what we can see, but how we can see.
Creativity and ingenuity are my favourite challenges in photography. A lot of new ideas are made up in my mind. I imagine the frame before I press the button. I always try to take refined pictures. I need to feel them. A good picture makes me happy, makes me willing to look at it and express itself.