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A great passion for portrait photography and fine art. Creating unforgettable memories

Winning photos

This beautiful mama is pregnant with her 2nd child. Nice to be selected for collection 85 on Mother's day ❤️
Model: Christel & Tommie

85th Collection

Girls & Horses a beautiful dress and an hour of photoshop are the best ingredients for a fantastic dreamy picture to hang on the wall. Model Caylin

85th Collection

There are no words to describe how happy I was when this photo rolled out of my camera... Her expression and her elegance. Her beautiful skin & redhair makes it perfect. This is one of my favorite photos from the past few weeks.

85th Collection

I've been photographing you for several years. I see you grow. This time you came to the studio alone. You do everything I ask without effort. Your looks are classic with your pretty freckles and red hair.
Model: Roseline

84th Collection

Red Hair..Blue eyes.. Sweet cheerful girl without a camera. Powerful images as soon as you point the lens at her. Model: Jayda
Edit: Lightroom & Photoshop
Nikon D850 85mm

84th Collection

This little one was actually just laughing and acting crazy during the photo shoot. I think the most beautiful thing about this age is that you can't really control them. But such a powerful image can come out of it. They just give it to you. It is then up to the photographer to capture the image. And that's the best thing about photography

83rd Collection

This grandpa regularly comes along to a photo shoot to lend a hand to his daughter with a family of five. He always stays in the background. But I love to photograph him. He reminds me of my grandfather and gives me memories of the past. I just love faces with a story. Old & Jong the most beautiful combination.

82nd Collection

Senne came to the studio with his 2 brothers and their newly picked up dog. Of course I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute pup. What a beautiful connection they already have together. The house is complete now.

81st Collection

It is so nice to work with this brother and sister. They regularly visit for a photo shoot. But this is their best picture ever. They are so patient and kind to each other. And they do whatever you ask. Love being able to work with them

81st Collection

From the moment she sat down she has already stolen my heart with her piercing eyes, long eyelashes and flowing hair.
She touched my soul in every way possible

81st Collection