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Nathalie Dekkers Fotografie

My love for photography started at an early age. Yet I did not immediately choose this. My interest in people and different cultures led me to study Psychology and see the world by flying for KLM. But the love for photography goes where it can't go. At KLM I did beautiful photography projects. For example, with my own project Uit en Thuis, I photographed more than 300 KLM colleagues and published a photo book. I was then asked for various photo shoots. From weddings to professional theater productions, from small branding shoots to large marketing campaigns. My heart lies in portrait photography and in my portraits my passion comes together with my interest in people. I often get feedback that my clients dare to open up with me in front of the camera and that they feel comfortable and at ease. The fact that I can make such a connection with my models is what I think is the best thing about this fantastic profession!

Winning photos

Fee is a very energetic and talented girl who excels in singing and dancing. She has played in several musicals and came to me for a portfolio shoot. In the studio I still had the setup from another shoot and when Fee came in I asked her if she wanted to sit down for a moment.

In contrast to the energetic Portfolio shoot we were about to do, we took a moment of peace, resulting in a photo that radiates her peaceful side. Nice contrast with the energetic, cheerful and talented artist she is.

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