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This young girl have such beautiful eyes that i just wanted to capture them!
Really love the feeling she gives you when you look at Here! It really is a little star ✨

Made in my own studio

94th Collection

I really love this picture so much that it is printed and hanging in my studio! Hes endless look and beautiful hair gives it a feel that fits all years… early 70’s ör now!

94th Collection

This was a Christmas photoshoot in my new studio with the old stola of my grandmothers. It was really a fun shoot with her Brother and mother. How beautiful she looks in it!

92nd Collection

I really loved working with here , she was 37 weeks pregnant and looked so beautiful! She helped me to take amazing photos in my new studio !

92nd Collection

This young 10 year old dancer is going to be a royal dutch ballerina! Her dream is to be a prima ballerina one day.
This photoshoot was so much fun to do, and this is my favorit one!

Model: @mayahjohannah
Photographer: @romijnfotografie

83rd Collection

This was a portrait shoot in there own home. I had so much fun with these Girls! And the results were beautiful!
Just one curved reflection screen and one light is all I need.

Taken by @romijnfotografie

81st Collection

In this pregnancyshoot I wanted to find a industrial location with a romantical twist for the dress. The low angle and the lines in the picture Made this one of my favorites. And she was so sweet as well!

78th Collection