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Sabrina Serraarens Studio - Photography with Love

Boutique fotostudio voor pure, tijdloze & authentieke portretten van zwangerschap, newborn, baby, cakesmash, kinderen & gezin.

Winning photos

Pure, timeless, and powerful portraits are what I aim to capture.

Amy's portrait exemplifies individualism and serenity. It's a unique and captivating portrait that speaks volumes without words.

Amy's enthusiasm was boundless, and she embraced every idea I had. After carefully styling her hair into curls along with a touch of gloss and a hint of blush, we got to work.

The photo was taken in my studio in Brielle using only one flashlight and a wind machine.

97th Collection

It was this dress from my client closet that Amy brought to my studio.

Only 8 years old, she came along with her mom for a portrait shoot. She told me she had never had curls before and really wanted to try them out. When I showed her the collection of dresses, she fell in love instantly.

After the hair styling and a light touch of makeup, she transformed into a seasoned model, radiating in front of my lens.

Shot in my studio in Brielle near Rotterdam using only one flashlight.

97th Collection

I welcomed Naomi when she arrived at my studio with her mom and dad for a portrait shoot.

When Naomi chose this pink dress from my client closet, I didn't expect it to suit her as beautifully as it does. Paired with my favorite green backdrop and her intensely red hair, it was a match made in heaven.

She truly leaps off the screen with her captivating gaze, and the photo is a perfect complement to my aim of capturing pure, timeless, and authentic images.

The photo was taken in my studio in Brielle near Rotterdam using only 1 flash.

96th Collection