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Marion Flemming Fotografie

Hello ! I am Marion and I´m with my photography located in the most beautiful nature of north Germany: Lüneburg Heathlands, between Hamburg and Hannover, and here I create my kind of art. I am a mother of one, a wife to a Software-developer , pet-owner, a nature lover and world-travel-lover. My outdoor photography specializes in: children, portrait and humans with their animals. My pictures are always photographed in nature and I connect it with the existing light, with a lot of passion and emotion.

Winning photos

Anna and her souldog. Fotosession for a customer in the latest light, taken in the nature of lüneburg heathlands. Camera: Sony A1 with 70-200 Sony GM.

78th Collection

start with scool
A other idea, a other "schoolchild" photography, a bit of emotion, vintage and lovely smile. I love this girl with the curls and her charisma.

78th Collection

One of my specials:
Maternity photos in beautiful nature, with princess dresses and my editing style.
Taken in June 2022 in Germany, Camera: Sony A 9 II

77th Collection

Little Viking

Elisa and the spotted horse Tino during a photosession. I love the details in the horse-eye and the beautiful make-up

77th Collection