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22nd place in Netherlands

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Agnes Bos Fotografie

Mother of Mirthe (2005), wife of Christian, owner of 2 dogs and 3 cats and above all a lot of love for my work as a photographer. I love photographing people, children, families and babies. I especially love capturing a moment by making a timeless portrait.

Winning photos

Blue eyes, freckles and a beautiful open look. This beautiful tough boy was a pleasure to photograph. So photogenic and relaxed.

86th Collection

These beautiful eyes..... wow! I love it so much when these speak and if you also have 2 different colored eyes like this beautiful girl, my heart jumps while photographing. Love it!

86th Collection

A while ago I was allowed to photograph my neighbor boy together with his big brother and sister. Just at their home with only daylight and a black background screen.

85th Collection

The 4 marks of beauty :-)
Light eyes and dark hair -> check!
Freckles -> check!
Long eyelashes -> check!
Curls -> check!
It can't be more beautiful than this. I love this photo and his look so much!

84th Collection

Brother and Sister
I like to take close-up photos of my models. A duo portrait together with your brother or sister is of course fantastic. Especially when you have such beautiful blue eyes. This photo hangs large in the living room with the parents of these 2 beautiful children. Love it!

84th Collection