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  • 14 images selected 14 Claudio Paltenghi Wil (Switzerland) The photographer: productive, innovative, creative The photographer Claudio Paltenghi, the "painter of light" in our photo studio. Whether an individual photo shoot, a special portrait or an instructive personal coaching, Claudio Paltenghi not only has an extraordinary eye for the art of the photographer, but also always an open ear for his customers. Paltenghi Claudio Photography
    Portrait photographer Claudio Paltenghi (claudio-paltenghi169). Photo of 06 May
  • 13 images selected 13 Mischa Baumberger Wil (Switzerland) BEHIND THE LENS Photography is a big passion of mine. My absolute favorite is taking pictures of people. There is nothing better than having a good time together and laughing a lot. That's the base for good pictures. Photography is the perfect balance to my rather dry office job. Here I can live my full creativity. I came to photography by chance. As so often, a good condition. Camera bought and off we went. Most of all you meet me and my camera in Wil, Uzwil, St. Gallen or simply in eastern Switzerland. Mostly accompanied by the most beautiful and best models in the world ... Mischa Baumberger Fotografie
    Portrait photographer Mischa Baumberger (mischa). Photo of 15 July