Portrait photographers in Basel

  • 2 images selected 2 Kimberly Shepherd Zürich (Switzerland) Also serving: Basel (Switzerland) Kimberly Shepherd Photography
    Portrait photographer Kimberly Shepherd (kimberly.shepherd). Photo of 20 November
  • Sara Rüedi Basel (Switzerland) Also serving: Zürich (Switzerland) Born in Zurich and raised in a large family of artists. After finishing the arts and crafts school, worked with various artists and tried out a lot of art. Photography has fascinated me for a long time. I like people in all their uniqueness and I like pictures, beautiful things and emotions. People say that I can make myself invisible - if necessary, so that, as a wedding photographer, I can also capture emotional moments from your event, your wedding, unnoticed. I love to look at people, to discover their beauties and "capture" them with the camera. I am aware from my own experience that it is not just easy to present yourself in front of the camera. It takes courage and trust! But beautiful pictures - n saruephoto
    Portrait photographer Sara Rüedi (sara.rueedi). Photo of 18 September