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My profession is an actor and producer. I was born on April 27, 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I receive training in classical drama theater at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia. I have been an actor at the Ivan Vazov National Theater for 20 years. In 2007-2014 I am the host of the world rally format of the Bulgarian edition of Survivor. Some of my photographic awards are: In 2021 he became the People's Photographer of the Year at the Moscow International Awards - MIFA. I am also a winner in ND Awards 2021, PX3 2021, 35AWARDS 2020, Chromatic Award 2021, Monovision 2021, TIFA 2021, VIEPA 2021, BIFA 2021, 500px, MALTA Travel Awards, Life Framer, Voyage Travel Awards 2021 Grand Prize Winner, finalist of the 18th and 19th annual SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE photo contest, Inoventa Awards, Winner of Khayyam 2020, AFIAP, GPU Crown 2, VIP 2

Winning photos

Mountain women are extremely strong and are the foundation of the family. They work on an equal footing with men, take care of children and animals. But above all, they preserve the traditions of a people that is disappearing.

81st Collection

Change for the better is something we strive for. It doesn't always happen, but when we succeed, we become people who have learned from their mistakes.

81st Collection

Teodora Duchovnikova is a Bulgarian actress with vast experience in cinema and theater. This footage was taken on the set of the new and project. The second season of the Crime series in which she is a high-level police officer.

79th Collection

I met this woman on the street, I asked her to take her picture and she agreed. He turned out to be a big star in the tattoo world. It's from Italy and travels all over the world. While I was shooting her she did exactly what I wanted and it was a really good experience for me.

78th Collection

Man and horse. Perhaps the strongest connection since centuries. There is a lot of power in this relationship. There is a lot of history and legends surrounding it. Next to a strong man, there has always been a magnificent horse.

77th Collection

This girl has the energy to do many things and be very good at them all. Professional Athlete, Survivor World Reality Finalist, Blogger, Advertiser, Podcast Host.

76th Collection

This is my first self portrait. It is very difficult to photograph yourself. But I figured out how, using a doll head. Now that there is a great place and I don't have a model, I can be a model.

75th Collection

Tattoos are the hallmarks of our memories and experiences. We are a book, and the drawings on us are the letters in this book. There is a lot of history in this man's eyes and skin.

74th Collection

This is the winner of the world reality show Survivor Bulgaria - Zoran Petrovski. The reality show was filmed in the province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines.

73rd Collection

Survivor is the most impressive reality show in the world. It is a test of the human will and a test of whether we could live in the wild without the comforts of the modern world.

73rd Collection

A sister I met in a small church in the province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines. It was her last day of three years of service. He packed his bags and went on another five-year mission to a poor city.

72nd Collection

People's faces talk a lot. These are people of different ages who live in the small villages of the mountain. Interesting and kind people who differ in that they live a modest and quiet life.

71st Collection

Prima ballerina of the National Opera and Ballet in Bulgaria - Marta Petkova. A real star of ballet. The photo was taken from the production "Carmen"

71st Collection

We live in times when the good qualities of humanity are almost gone. Qualities such as kindness, empathy, pity, support, honesty are almost lost. Sometimes I feel like I'm in an ice field with a heavy snowstorm and I'm surrounded by hungry wolves preparing to attack me.

70th Collection

There is nothing better than true faith. It is the thing that makes people good. It is the thing that helps and guides you in life.

68th Collection

I stood for two hours to take this shot. The children were playing in the river, and I was waiting for the moment when I would capture the moment that best shows childhood.

67th Collection

I met this child at a market in a village in the Philippines. He really liked me taking pictures of him. Among his many expressions, I chose the most angry. Thus the child shows that he will become a strong person.

65th Collection

In the remote province of Camarine Sur in the Philippines. Where people live like in the 18th century. Everything is clean there and the children grow up among the rice fields.

64th Collection