Hiroshi Nomaki




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1st place in Japan

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A Japanese photographer, freelance journalist, translator, baritone singer.

Used to be a foreign exchange student at Park Falls High School, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Winning photos

Photo Model: Shino Tachibana
Location: Marunouchi, Tokyo

She is a professional photo model/ actress. She shows an outstanding performance in Tokyo area now.

It was beautiful sunny twilight evening. Right before the "Magic Hour".

94th Collection

Photo Model: Ami Matsui @amimatsui_act
Location: A museum in Tokyo

She is a professional actress / dancer / singer. She is from Osaka, Japan. She shows an outstanding performance in Tokyo area now.

I had Johannes Vermeer's artworks in my mind when I took this photo. Natural light only. It was beautiful sunny afternoon. I made the most of the gentle light from the window.

92nd Collection

Photo Model: Seina @se17_color
Location: An old temple in Kamakura, Japan

This photo was taken in May. It was rainy day, but the fresh green of the trees were beautiful. Natural light only.

Seina is not only a professional photo model but also a medical service worker.

86th Collection

Photo Model : Ayano Ueda @ayano_ueda_39_
Location: Shiodome, Tokyo

She won a prize at The Prix de Lausanne when she was a high school student. She is an excellent ballerina ✨

※The Prix de Lausanne is an international competition for young ballet dancers aged 15 to 18.

81st Collection

Photo Model: Hibiki Yomori. @hibikiyomori
Location: A studio in Zoshiki, Tokyo.
She is a college student. Majors in Performing Arts. Also, she has been a professional actress since she was in high school.

It was sunny summer day. We made the most of the natural light from the window.

77th Collection